Author: LevinSilbert

Branded Impressions

With digital application on a variety of substrates, abstract photography serves as backdrop in building lobbies, reception, or public areas. As independent displays or built-ins, units can also integrate light and audio with remote controls from a few different apps.

Artwork: M.Banks

Activating Experiences

Collaboration with agencies and implementation resources enables seamless design-build solutions for branded environments, exhibit, museum and trade show spaces. With an alignment of marketing strategies to tangible experiences, audiences come closer to brands and become immersed in the experience. By putting customers at center-stage, an “insight-out” design methodology creates a cohesive brand experience across multiple touch points in digital, print, and the built environment.

Floating Murals

With a departure from the traditional canvas, these floating murals subdivide interiors by showcasing artwork that is totally “of the wall,” via suspended track beam and sliding panels that hover just above the floor. Made of sustainable and resilient resin, ideal for commercial, hospitality, or residential applications.

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Patented Space Divider System
Artwork: A. Tkatchenko, A. Denisenko, K. Ogg, L. Hushcha, M. Pollock